Cattle Care

Buffalo Bath

Monemika Industries has always been known for introducing innovative products. One of them is “Buffalo Bath”, one of its own kind introduced in year 2005. 

Buffalo Bath is a unique detergent cake for milk producing animals introduced after deep research & development. In a very short period, it has been widely accepted by cattle owners and farmers due to its characteristics. It helps in prevention of lice and leekhs on the body of animals like buffalo, cow, camel, goat, etc. It also helps in overall body care of above mentioned animals. It has been proven that regular usage of Buffalo Bath helps in less requirement of antibiotic medication resulting to gradual increase in milk volume. Another reason for its wide acceptability, is its price that makes it affordable and economical as compared to other premium animal soaps available in market like dog soap, etc. 

Even being highly effective product, it is not at all harmful to animals as well as humans that makes it a complete value for money product.